Candace McFarland – Kliesing

Meet Candace McFarland - Kliesing of the Pearland Home Team by watching the video below or checking out the Q&A below to get to know her better!

Candace McFarland - Kliesing

Sales Associate
Direct: 832.378.0488
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How long in the real estate business?

I started working in real estate when I was 17 as my Mom's real estate assistant, I got my license at age 20, soon to graduate from University of Houston with a Bachelor's Degree in Education when I went on to teach 1st grade for 8 years combined between Alvin & Pearland ISD. I resigned from teaching in 2013 and came back to join her in real estate again.

Something funny about yourself?

I am clumsy, have a child's sense of humor, I am always laughing at my own jokes.

Favorite TV show?

Hmmm these days anything Disney Junior, or Disney Princess movies are absolutely wonderful.

What were you doing before real estate?

I was teaching Elementary School. I spent my days with 25 6 year old sweethearts every day for 8 years. What an adventure. ( :


I love sewing, painting, photography (amateur) , reading, playing games, and absolutely hands down favorite...spending time with my family

Volunteer anywhere?

I have been a volunteer for the adult reading center, Christian Helping Hands, & Pearland Neighborhood Center on their fundraiser committee several years. It is always an enjoyable experience, of which I would like to do more of.

What kind of animals do you like?

Any daughter is a huge animal lover, and therefore I am too.

Number of kids?

2 kids : Kylee is 5 years old, she is starting kindergarten this year (please pray for me) She is my hyper, sweet, innocent, kind-hearted, compassionate, curious, impatient, blessing, baby girl! William is 6 months old, he is into everything, rolling all over the place, taking diapers off, watching cartoons... He is my patient, calm, loving, happiest baby I've ever met baby boy!

What do you like about being on a real estate team?

Everyone is an expert at something, and being a part of a team gives you the opportunity to collaborate with all of these wonderful experts on a daily basis. OUR Real Estate Team provides a family environment that is fun, inviting, uplifting, encouraging, honest, and productive. We have a lot of fun together, but when it's time to get down to business it’s nice to have team members surrounding you that are just as passionate about their career as you.