Heather Curley

Meet Heather Curley of the Pearland Home Team by watching the video below or checking out the Q&A below to get to know her better!

Heather Curley

Office Assistant
Direct: 832.815.8109
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How long in the real estate business?

Almost 5 years, started on April 16, 2010 with RE/MAX Pearland as an office assistant.

Something funny about yourself?

I am a twin, oldest by 1 minute!

Favorite TV show?

American Horror Story, Hoarders, Pawn Shop, America's Funniest Videos.

What were you doing before real estate?

Working for an electrical company as a clerical assistant for 3 years.


Running, bike riding, surfing, hanging out with my kiddos and family. Going to the beach, fishing, camping, and the gun range. Going on road trips! Also, watching my daughter do gymnastic and my son skate boarding. I also sell Younique Make-up AND a 3D fiber mascara that works amazing!

Volunteer anywhere?

Gymtastic on weekends where my Daughter trains for gymnastic.

What kind of animals do you like?

Dolphins! My Grandpa's bird Ringo which is a cockatoo who can talk, sing and say his name! A chihuahua LOVER!

Number of kids?

2 beautiful kids, Chloe who is 7 and Seth who is 6.

What do you like about being on a real estate team?

Working with positive people and people who actually like to work!! I really enjoy real estate, it is very challenging. Hoping to get my license soon!